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NAVAC SECURITY CORPORATION (NSC)  is primarily positioning itself to be a formidable player in leading investigation and security risk management.

Our mandate is to assisting to protect people, performance, interests and reputations, through adding value through governance. We offer investigative, security and law enforcement consulting and advisory services in Africa that provide insight and ultimately delivers results.

We find that generally organizations depend largely on information technology to conduct their business; and security assurance is fundamental to what they do.

Effective controls are required to mitigate risk. The business, and all its stakeholders; customers, suppliers, partners and staff, need to have confidence in the communications systems used together with evidence that shared information is appropriately protected.

However, understanding the risks and knowing what to do about them is academic unless you deliver the controls required to reduce those risks. Providing assurance that the controls are fit-for-purpose, correctly implemented and remain sustainable throughout the life cycle is what is really important.

We can confidently offer you expertise across the security spectrum, we’ve partnered with the local and some instances world’s leading companies in industries as diverse as Cyber intelligence, Special local deployment Operations, Forensics and joint collaborations with local law enforcement to bring together regimes creating the high service delivery.

Prior to our engagement,  we do a basic assessment of your situation, your budget constraints, critical timelines and ultimately the deliverables.

Based on our assessment, we develop a Plan of Action, based on short term and long term goals all tailored for your business focusing on what is essential as well as practical. From there, we outline an assessment plan that will meet your needs.

To ensure you are protected from the onset we offer immediate access to trusted counsel, critical insights and the full scope of information vital to strategic decision making. Our role is as your trusted partner and adviser. It is what we do and that is why our clients trust us.